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Classes Available at DFTS

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): ALL DFTS classes are Currently running online

At DFTS we remain committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting our students and staff during these challenging times.

For DFTS, the health and safety of students and staff is our no. 1 priority. While the closure of our studios is a difficult situation for us all, we will continue to do everything we can to help our students with our online classes. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to classes in our studios when we can reopen.

During this time, we are running some additional funky fitness classes, for all ages and abilities, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 17.30 each week. These are a fun stretch and conditioning class with some simple dance routines at the end to help burn off the calories. Please sign up here.

Ballet, Tap and Modern (ISTD) – Drama (LAMDA) – Jazz , Singing and Melody Bear (Non Examination)


This discipline follows the LAMDA syllabus and from this motivated class boys and girls will develop excellent social skills, and improve conversational ability and self-esteem.


This discipline is for boys and girls wanting to learn and improve on their vocal technique and develop their singing voices. Within these classes students will work on warm-up and breathing exercises which will explore a variety of sounds and styles enabling students to achieve the best.


This discipline is a commercial style of dance, aimed at boys and girls who want to learn and be a part of the upbeat dance scene without the pressure of exams.


This discipline follows the ISTD syllabus and works on structured exercises and amalgamations. From a young age the emphasis is on improving natural movements such as walking, skipping, running and jumping, progressing to more complex steps and sequences as students get older.


This discipline follows the ISTD syllabus and works on structured exercises and amalgamations. Learning to tap will teach children the enjoyment of dance through the different sounds that they create.


This discipline follows the ISTD syllabus and is thought of as the foundation of all dance disciplines. This graceful style of dance will improve a child’s posture, balance and teaches self-discipline and control.

Melody Bear

Melody Bear Pre-School classes encourage children to safely learn the basic steps of ballet, tap, music and movement in a way that is appropriate for a child’s level of physical development. Classes are tailored to discovering and fulfilling the potential of each child nurturing their creative development.